About Labour First

About Labour First


Labour First is a network which exists to ensure that the voices of moderate party members are heard while the party is kept safe from the organised hard left, and those who seek to divert us from the work of making life better for ordinary working people and their families.


We believe in:

• Putting Labour First

Keeping the Labour Party as a party of Government with mainstream and election winning policies.


• The Trade Union Link

The unions are an integral part of our party.


• Strong Local Government

More power for local councillors not unaccountable community groups and quangos. Councillors deserve a strong voice within our party.


• Security for the UK

The UK playing a full role in the EU and NATO and maintaining our special relationship with the USA. We oppose unilateral nuclear disarmament.


We can be contacted at labourfirst@gmail.com


14 thoughts on “About Labour First

  1. deborah lowe

    I signed up for e mails it came up with Luke Akehurst is this correct, Will I receive updates regularly? I am a long standing labour voter and member and its frightening the way the party is moving to the far left so quickly now. I admin a forum and do my best for moderates, I have encouraged everyone to join labour first and progress,

  2. Jenni Moore

    Rejoined the party as v alarmed at what’s happening. Do not wish to return to the 1980s and wish to support an electable party as a pragmatist, not a pointless purist.

  3. Geoff

    Honestly, isn’t the party larger and stronger than ever before? Due to Jeremy. 60% of the party behind him now. If policy isn’t the problem then isn’t this a personal attack? Guess what, sometimes you have to work with people you don’t like…

  4. David Griffiths

    As someone who stands pretty well to the Left in the Labour Party, my hope would be for a Leader who shares that same position, but recognises that we are a ‘broad church,’ & is committed to working together in a spirit of mutual respect with colleagues across the whole political spectrum in our Party. Inevitably this would involve some considerable give & take by all concerned, but isn’t this what democracy is about? Is there anything in this which does not fit in with Labour First’s philosophy?

  5. Anthony Cassidy

    What a farce of a conference. Speeches being changed. I was a party member when Neil Kinnock took on Hatton.History repeating itself,don’t split,fight back.

  6. Joe Phillips

    What is Labour First’s criteria for hard left, and what are these hard leftist in the party going to do which will damage the country?

    1. lukeakehurst Post author

      The “Hard Left” is a self-definition adopted by the Bennite left in the mid-1980s to differentiate themselves from the older “Soft Left” which they saw as making too many compromises with people like us! In parliament the Campaign Group is Hard Left and the Tribune Group is Soft Left whilst most of our supporters are in the Clause I group of MPs. We believe the Hard Left would damage national security through their opposition to nuclear deterrence and their ambivalent stance towards NATO; that they are reluctant to address issues around immigration in any meaningful way; and their economic stance is not credible as it veers towards a command economy.

    1. lukeakehurst Post author

      No we are not eligible to affiliate. Affiliated status is for trade unions and socialist societies, which usually represent an interest group such as members of a particular faith background or with a specific policy area they focus on, not a particular political stance. Groups like Labour First, Progress, Open Labour, Compass, Momentum, CLPD or LRC that campaign for the party to go in a particular political direction can’t affiliate.

  7. Tariq Persaud Parkes

    Hello Mr Akehurst,
    I read that new labour had looked at Karl Marx in its early days, in what way was Marx used by Blair and New Labour?


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