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NEC and Leadership Elections

NEC Ballot

The National Executive Committee (NEC) elections have started. Ballot papers should have reached you by email already and by post by next Friday. They have to be returned by 5 August.

Only full Labour Party members who joined before 24 June this year will receive a ballot.

It is essential you remind all mainstream Labour members you are in contact with to vote, and let them know who our recommended candidates are. Control of the NEC is finely balanced and we need mainstream candidates elected to ensure the Hard Left do not use the NEC to advance their factional interests within the party.

Every full member of the party can cast six votes for the CLP section of the NEC. We recommend support for these six candidates:

  • Luke Akehurst
  • Bex Bailey
  • Johanna Baxter
  • Parmjit Dhanda
  • Ellie Reeves
  • Peter Wheeler

Councillors can also cast two additional votes in their own separate section. We recommend the following two candidates in the local government section:

  • Nick Forbes
  • Alice Perry

Here is a link to a model “Get Out the Vote” letter:
We want you to post or email this in your own name to anyone you know in the party to encourage them to vote in the election. If you are a councillor or MP etc. with legitimate access to the membership list for the area you represent you are entitled to send an email of this nature to the whole membership list. Similarly CLPs that nominated our candidates can send a recommendation on which way to vote to their whole membership.

As soon as you have voted please tell people which candidates you backed on Facebook and Twitter. You can use the same hashtag as for the leadership issue – #SavingLabour. You can also use this image on Facebook and Twitter:

Leadership Ballot Voting Eligibility

The NEC meeting on Tuesday and the subsequent NEC Procedures Committee have agreed the following rules for who can vote for Leader:

Individual members of the Labour Party who joined on or before 12 January this year.

Members of affiliated trade unions, socialist societies and other affiliated organisations who individually sign up as an affiliated supporter to the Labour Party. They must have been a member of that organisation on or before the 12 January 2016.  Affiliated supporters already on the Party’s membership system will be eligible to vote, subject to affiliates reconfirming their eligibility and that:

  • They remain a member of the trade union or socialist society (and pay the political levy where appropriate).
  • They remain on the electoral register at the address provided.
  • In all other respects must meet the qualification criteria of membership of the Labour Party.

New affiliate supporters may be recruited from membership of affiliated organisations and socialist societies (as at freeze date) by 8th August 2016.

The NEC has agreed that the one-off payment for Registered Supporters in this contest will be £25 not the £3 it was last year. Registered supporters from last year will need to reregister and pay the £25. Applications to be a Registered Supporter will open at 5pm on Monday 18 July and close at 5pm on Wednesday 20 July. People who joined the party or their trade union too late for the freeze date can still vote by becoming a Registered Supporter and paying the £25.

We will send round the link for people to sign up as Registered Supporters as soon as it goes live.

Leadership Ballot Timetable

  • Tuesday 12 January: Join the Labour Party on or before this date to vote in the leadership election.
  • Tuesday 12 July: Timetable agreed. Freeze date for membership eligibility.
  • Thursday 14 July: Timetable published
  • Monday 18 July: European Parliamentary Labour Party (EPLP) and Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) briefing, followed by PLP hustings. Registered supporters applications open.
  • Monday 18 July 7pm: EPLP and PLP nominations open.
  • Wednesday 20 July 5pm: EPLP and PLP nominations close and supporting nominations open. Registered supporters applications close.
  • Thursday 21 July noon: Deadline for validly nominated candidates to consent to nomination.
  • Friday 22 July: Hustings period opens.
  • Monday 8 August noon: Final date for membership arrears to be paid in full. Final date for updated affiliated supporter lists to be received.
  • Monday 15 August noon: Supporting nominations close.
  • Week commencing Monday 22 August: Ballot mailing despatched.
  • Wednesday 14 September noon: Last date for electronic ballot reissues.
  • Friday 16 September: Hustings period closes.
  • Wednesday 21 September noon: Ballot closes.
  • Saturday 24 September: Special conference to announce result (to be scheduled to ensure no clash with Women’s Conference).