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Voting Guide

Here are Labour First’s recommendations for moderate candidates to support in the current Labour Party ballot:

Labour First’s position remains that there are prominent supporters of Labour First backing each of Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall. We clearly do not share Jeremy Corbyn’s politics and believe these would destroy Labour’s chances of electability. Because Labour uses a preferential voting system we would encourage supporters of Andy, Yvette and Liz to transfer votes to each other. Make sure you use all three of your 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference votes.
Deputy Leader
For the Deputy Leadership, none of the candidates are problematic but Tom Watson has a particularly long-standing connection to Labour First and has spoken at our events.

Conference Arrangements Committee (2 places)
Michael Cashman
Gloria De Piero MP

National Policy Forum (4 seats plus youth rep per region)

East of England
Sandy Martin
Alex Mayer
Stacey Nash
James Valentine
Youth Rep: Tom Maisey

East Midlands
Rufia Ashraf
Natalie Fleet
Andrew Furlong
Mark Glover
Youth Rep: Christian Weaver

Unmesh Desai
Alon Or-Bach
Nicky Gavron
Fiona Twycross
Youth Rep: Jack Falkingham

Nick Forbes
Nick Wallis
Brynnen Ririe
Helen Hughes

North West
Zahid Chauhan
James Frith
Joanne Harding
Anne Trafford
Youth rep: Jasmin Beckett

Gemma Doyle
Jamie Glackin
Cat Headley
Katrina Murray
Youth rep: Katie Dearden

South East
Duncan Enright
Victoria Grouleff
Naushabah Khan
Martin Phillips
Youth Rep: Helena Dollimore

South West
Keir Singh Dhillon
Joanne McCarron
Mark Dempsey
Brenda Weston
Youth Rep: Sarah Staples

Chris Elmore
Anthony Hunt
Jen Smith
Mary Wimbury
Youth Rep: Martha O’Neill

West Midlands
Christopher Bloore
Mariam Khan
Trudie McGuiness
Jackie Taylor

Nikki Belfield
Rory Bickerton
Jayne Hill
Adam Wilkinson
Youth Rep: Josh Molloy

ALC Reps on NPF

Richard Watts